Sky Valley ABATE

Dedicated to Freedom of the Road


Welcome to Sky Valley ABATE!

Ride a bike? Come say “hello”

We are the local chapter of ABATE, the leading riders rights organization in the United States of America.

Sky Valley are founders and organizers of the Sky Valley Motorcycle Show, formerly known as the Sky Valley Antique and Classic Motorcycle Show since 1996.

Between the show, various events and parties through the year, we have a serious mission; to ensure that motorcycling is kept free and accessible to everyone. So if you want to be sure that it’s YOU, the rider, and not some faceless ‘suit’, who decides what you ride and how you ride it, then come get involved in ABATE.

For all the latest news and details of upcoming events join us onFacebook , come to a meeting or get in touch.   Events also posted to State ABATE-WA Calendar